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ARC Readers Needed!

I’m currently looking for ARC readers for future book releases (sorry – not for book six in The Ravaged Land Series.)  I have a few rules/requirements which you can read about HERE.

My biggest and most important rule is that you like my writing!  Well, and of course, that you leave a review if you liked the book.  Second most important rule is that you like a wide variety of genres.  I love to write and read anything as long as it’s a good story.  That is the type of reader I want for my team.

If this sounds like you, please consider applying to my ACR Team!


Writing The Story – Ravaged Land Series

Recently, I was thinking about the way I write my novels, specifically The Ravaged Land Series.  When I had to write an ending to one of my books, I knew it wasn’t going to be a popular ending.  In fact, I tried to write it another way, but it just didn’t work.

I realized I couldn’t write it any other way because it wasn’t Ros’ story.  I was trying to change her story and she wouldn’t let me.

It’s hard because I love my characters.  I mean, I feel like after all the time I’ve spent with them (I started writing Ravaged Land in November 2014!) I know them.  That may seem silly but it’s true.  In a way, I hope my readers feel the same.

When bad stuff happens I cry.  I know it’s tough out there for them, but honestly if the world was destroyed, it would be tough.  Things wouldn’t work out.  And if everything did, there wouldn’t be a story to tell.

A little insight into my writing process.  My characters tell me the story and then I write it down.  🙂

What I’m Working on July 7th 2016

I recently finished writing all the words for book 4 in The Ravaged Land Series.  There is still a long way to go… the rewrite, editing, etc.  If everything goes according to plan it should be ready early Fall 2016.  If things go even better than planned maybe it’ll be ready a little sooner.  But the cover is done and I’ll reveal that at a later date.

I’m also working on the plot/outline for a second book that happens after The Landing.

Beyond those two major things, I’m always working on new ideas and new plots.  I have a dystopian idea that’s been in the works for several months but at this point that’s top secret!

If only there was more time in the day!  I love writing!

Crashing Down Available!

Crashing Down, the third book in The Ravaged Land Series is available on Amazon.  And it’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!  This was one of my favorite books to write and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Kellee L. Greene

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